Accessibility Using Adobe DC Pro

Course description: By taking this course, you will learn how to identify accessibility issues in PDF documents, understand the impact to users with disabilities, perform automatic checking using Adobe Acrobat Pro, manually evaluate PDF documents for accessibility, and repair accessibility issues.

Audience: Designers, Content Editors.

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Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office

Course description: This course shows how to make accessible Office documents in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Accessibility expert Glenna Shaw begins by describing what it's like for those with visual, hearing, or movement impairments to experience regular Word and Excel files and PowerPoint presentations. Glenna goes through the essential steps of creating documents that are accessible to all - those using assistive technology and those not - including applying useful headings, formatting tables for ease of use, naming sheet tabs in Excel, using slide layouts and following z-order in PowerPoint, and adding captioning to presentations. 

Audience: Anyone.

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