Clean Presentation: Supports Meaning
People can perceive and understand elements in the design.

Content should be presented in a way that allows people to access and understand information without undue effort. (How you write for your target audience, including people with disabilities, is discussed under Plain Language). People with print disabilities—visual or cognitive impairments that affect the ability to access and read online content—are particularly susceptible to issues relating to how information is presented, especially when there is too much information on a page or the information is overly complex. People with cognitive issues that affect attention and concentration will be particularly affected by moving, flashing, or flickering content, especially if they can’t control the movement. By taking steps to ensure clean presentation, you make information more accessible for everyone.

For content creators, a focus on clean presentation means:

  • Users may adapt the content display to meet their needs without loss of information.
  • Content is optimized for legibility and readability.
  • Users have access to all information conveyed visually, including people with visual impairments.