Presentation - Developers

Clean Presentation: Supports Meaning
People can perceive and understand elements in the design.

For a variety of reasons, some people will not see web content as the developer or designer intended. People with visual impairment that affect visual acuity may need to increase text size, or use a screen magnifier to view only a small part of the page at one time. People with color deficit may not perceive or distinguish colors in the way that the designer does. People with reading difficulties, including people with dyslexia, may need to change the appearance of text and background in order to make it possible for them to read it. And, of course, some people will be unable to see content at all, and therefore will miss any content or functionality that assumes the ability to visually scan a page.

This means that the design and development of web content should not rely on vision or color perception, although it can and should take advantage of visual presentation to improve usability and user experience.

When developers focus on clean presentation:

  • Users can adapt the display of the page to meet their needs.
  • Users can understand how to work the website without needing vision and color perception.
  • Colors that are used in the interface support legibility.