Structure - Developers

Solid Structure: Built to Standards
People feel confident using the design because it is stable, robust, and secure.

Structural markup is markup that reflects the semantic meaning of page content. Accessibility is enhanced through good use of structural markup because it allows semantic meaning to be preserved when the page is presented in different ways. For example, menus and controls that are implemented using semantic elements, like buttons and anchors, are compatible with assistive technologies such as screen reader and speech recognition software. Solid structure also makes it possible for people to change the display—for example, by someone who has dyslexia—to make it easier for them to read.

When developers focus on solid structure:

  • Sites are built on a strong semantic structure, making them usable by assistive technology.
  • Sites are flexible and adaptable to different display preferences.
  • Sites work well on different platforms and using different software and input devices.